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Annuity Insurance in Indiana

To best prepare you for your life of retirement, we want to help protect you against the possibility of outliving your financial resources while in retirement. That's why we offer Indiana annuity insurance, which can be part of your personal retirement program.

Americans are living longer and spending more time in retirement. In fact, the average American will be retired for 18 years. A retirement nest egg is something that will be essential for you, to protect the longevity of your financial resources.

At Health Insurance Mark we can offer you fixed annuities. With a fixed annuity, you are able to give an amount of money to a certain insurance company, and in return they promise to pay you a fixed monthly amount for a certain period of time. This is a safe, risk-free way to plan for your ideal retirement and you receive a guarantee that you'll never outlive your financial resources with receiving your annuity.

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