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Where to Find Information on Anthem of Indiana Health Plans

Anthem of Indiana is known as one of the state's largest and most popular health insurance providers because of the wide variety of health plans the company offers residents. The health plans are designed to provide quality health care to individuals and families of all ages and walks of life.

One of the company's most popular health policies is the Blue Access, Economy, Value PPO. With these health plans you'll find a variety of options when it comes to deductibles. Members of this preferred provider organization (PPO) are able to select their own doctor, however if he or she belongs to the plan's network of health care providers the cost will be less.

This Anthem of Indiana health plan provides members with both preventive and catastrophic treatment and most of the services include a small coinsurance or co-payment fee. Some of these policies don't include well-child visits, so it's important to fully understand just what the policy does and doesnęt offer before committing to it.

Another popular Anthem of Indiana health plan is the Blue Traditional. Itęs similar in many ways to the Blue Access health plan, but you don't have to visit a doctor that belongs to the health care provider network. There's a co-insurance fee for all visits to the doctor and medical procedure and be aware that maternity options aren't currently available.

There are several other types of health plans available from this provider, such as vision, dental, children only, life, Medicare, and short-term insurance. Anthem also offers its members several different types of health and wellness programs to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and stay as healthy as possible. The company's head office is located in Indianapolis. However you can receive all of the information you need regarding Anthem of Indiana health plans at

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