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Benefits of Indiana Group Health Insurance

The cost of health insurance has skyrocketed over the years and shows no concrete sign of slowing down. As a result, some have opted not to purchase health coverage, but we all know too well that this isn't the best option. The risk of not having a health insurance protection is simply too much. Just an admission to the emergency room coupled with visits to one or two specialists can easily wash away your lifelong savings, or worse, put your finances in the hole. Medical bankruptcies are no longer common headline news, and you can spare yourself from suffering the same consequence if you have an insurance policy to fall back on in times of medical needs.

There are several ways that you can find affordable health insurance but nothing beats having Indiana group health insurance coverage. In fact, six out of 10 Americans get their health insurance coverage from their employment or from their parent's coverage at work. Large companies usually shoulder the entire premium cost while small businesses cover around 50% to 70% of health insurance costs. But considering that group health insurance plans are far more affordable than individual insurance policies, paying half of the cost of your employer-backed health insurance plan would still be a lot cheaper.

Indiana group health insurance coverage means you don't have to postpone medical attention. There have been many cases where simple ailments get out of hand after the afflicted postpones doctor's visits. But being armed with group health coverage, you don't have to wait till you save up money to see the doctor. With just a measly $5 to $10 copayment (some group plans even don't have any), there's no reason for you not to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Group health insurance plans are not all created the same. However, there are basic benefits that you'd likely see in a group plan:

  • Hospital Care
  • Doctor's Visit
  • Preventive Care This may include shots, counseling and screening tests
  • Emergency Care Treatment
  • Extended Care like follow ups to specialists
  • Health Care at Home
  • Prescription Medicine either on its generic or branded form

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