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Federal Laws on Indiana Health Insurance Plans

The federal government has issued several laws which can protect the people who want to acquire Indiana health insurance plans. These laws can help consumers in acquiring affordable health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act is a health reform which makes significant changes to the health care system. Most of the changes made deal with the accessibility of affordable health insurance coverage.

The COBRA plans provide continuation health coverage to those people who have been laid off. It can cover former employees, their spouses and their dependents. These are the alternative Indiana health insurance plans for those people who do not want to purchase individual health insurance plans.

The HIPAA can provide protection to those people who want to change, purchase or continue their health insurance coverage. The protection includes the limitation of using the pre existing condition exclusions. HIPAA members can also enjoy renewing their health insurance coverage regardless of their health conditions.

The federal government is also responsible in setting the guidelines and the funds needed for Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans health benefits, health coverage for those people under the Armed Forces and health coverage for federal employees.

However, the rules for health insurance plans are regulated by each state government. This is why different states have different rules on health plans. They differ on the types of health insurance plans and benefits offered.

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