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Trouble walking and poor posture may be sign of brain lesions not age

Although we are all getting older some common signs of aging such as stooped posture, shaking hands and a slower walking pace could actually be much more serious.

An article posted at WebMD on September 2, 2011 explains about a study that tells us that shaky Hands, trouble walking may be signs of tiny brain sessions.

What we think of as normal aging may not be so normal after all, says researcher Aron S. Buchman, MD. He is an associate professor of neurological sciences at Rush University Medical School in Chicago.

Starting in 1994 researchers examined 1100 nuns and priests every year. What was discovered after they passed away was that there were a bunch of tiny lesions or blocked blood vessels on the brain which could only be seen via microscope. (The priests and nuns had donated their brains to science after death.) The lesions were found in 418 of those who dies or about 30%.

The average age of the study participants was around 88 years old when they died and researchers discovered that those who had the most trouble walking while alive also had the most lesions after death with no sign of stroke or brain disease while living.

As people get older, even if they donýt have diseases like stroke or Parkinson's disease, they do slow down, Buchman says.

He also said that high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are known risk factors for stroke and to lower the risk aggressively is key to longer life and mobility.

We do have medications available to treat these risk factors, and we could be more aggressive about lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity and losing weight, he says. This is especially important because there are not yet any scans powerful enough to detect the tiny blocked blood vessels.

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