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Do you Need Indiana Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare supplement insurance is well-known throughout the country as Medigap insurance. This is basically because this type of health plan is designed to fill in the gaps in coverage that are left by original Medicare leaves. Indiana Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance providers that are regulated and licensed by the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Medigap policies are designed to pay for services which are deemed medically necessary by Medicare and are typically based on Medicare-approved charges. Some of the health plans provide extra health care benefits, such as emergency care coverage if youıre traveling in a foreign nation. The Medigap plans are standardized and there are 10 of them available, which are identified by a letter from A to N. However, not each plan is available in each state.

Each one of the Indiana Medicare Supplement insurance plans offers different benefits. For instance, Plan F provides a high-deductible option. However, every insurance carrier that sells these health plans must use the same identifying letters. Since the health plans are standardized, it means that all of the plans have to be exactly the same no matter which insurance company you buy them from.

If an insurance firm sells Indiana Medicare Supplement insurance it must provide customers with Plan A. However, they don't have to offer any of the other nine Medigap plans. Also, plans E, H, I and J were discontinued in 2010, which means you can't buy them anymore, but if you already have one it's still valid as long as you keep paying the premiums. All new Medigap plans now include hospice coverage, but in-home recovery benefits and preventive services aren't sold anymore.

A Medicare supplement policy isn't really for everybody since you may already have a health plan which fills in the gaps left by Medicare, such as a Medicare Advantage plan. In addition, if you do decide to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan you're allowed to return it within 30 days for a refund. This is why you should record the date that you received the policy.

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