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Resources for Information on Medicare in Indiana

Many Medicare in Indiana members are looking for ways to expand their health care options. This is where Medicare Advantage plans come in. Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, were launched back in 1997 by the Balanced Budget Act. The idea behind these plans is to cut down on Medicare spending, to give people more choices, and to help extend the life of the Medicare trust fund.

Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private insurers and enable people to receive their benefits in different ways. When researching Medicare in Indiana, remember that Advantage plans come with limitations as well as advantages. In addition, you might find that all plans aren't available in every region.

Medicare Advantage isn't for everybody though; some people are perfectly happy with original Medicare. These plans aren't the same as Medicare Supplement policies, which are also known as Medigap. If you receive Medicare in Indiana, there are currently three different types of managed plans to choose from in certain counties. These are the Cost Contract HMO, Medicare Advantage PPO, and Medicare Advantage PFFS.

The Cost Contract HMO plan is reimbursed by Medicare for your health care. You need to select a primary care physician who belongs to the plan's network. When visiting a network health care provider there may be co-payments. If you get treatment outside of the network then Medicare will pay its usual amount, leaving you responsible for the Medicare co-payments and deductibles.

The Medicare Advantage PPO has a network of preferred providers; however, you can get out-of-network treatment at an extra cost unless it's urgent or emergency care. You have to pay co-insurance and deductibles, but you usually don't need a primary care physician or referrals to visit non-network doctors. You need to have Medicare Parts A and B to join this plan.

In Medicare Advantage PFFS, you join a private fee-for-service plan and can get treatment from any health care provider who agrees to the terms of the plan. However, you need to reside in the service area of the pan to be eligible. Medicare will pay the health plan a specific amount of money each month for every member. Providers are paid by the plan on a fee-for-service basis. The PFFS health plan provides original Medicare coverage and may offer added benefits at a price.

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