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Men: Maintaining Health Over 50

18 million men are are affected by erectile dysfunction in the United States and while it is more commonly found in older men it is not considered a normal part of aging so what can you do now to avoid erectile dysfunction in the future? An article published on Web MD dated September 8, 2011 explains a few tips to protect your potency.

  1. Healthy diet, not just for your heart

    Research has shown that a diet which restricts blood flow to the coronary arteries of the heart can also restrict blood flow to the penis. So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty, fried and processed meats.

  2. Lower that cholesterol and blood pressure

    High blood pressure and high cholesterol can both damage your blood vessels including the ones in the penis.

  3. Drink only in moderation

    Everyone knows that alcohol can effect an erection no matter what your age but did you know that chronic heavy drinking can disrupt liver and nerve function which can in turn interfere with male sex hormones?

  4. Cardiovascular health

    Exercise is good for your heart keeping the blood pumping free which in turn means improved circulation of blood to the penis.

  5. Stress

    Did you know that psychological stress boosts the levels of adrenalin? Did you know that adrenaline causes blood vessels to contract? In order to achieve and maintain an erection, men need a strong blood flow to the penis, so relax to maintain a healthy sex life.

  6. Exercise

        Most exercise is good for you and offers many benefits to your body including maintaining erectile function but you should steer clear of any exercise which places pressure on the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and anus. The blood vessels and the nerves which supply the penis can be adversely affected by excessive pressure in this area. One tip is to avoid bicycle seats which can place pressure here.

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