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When Body Odor Becomes a Medical Condition

Billions of dollars are spent every year for products that reduce or eliminate body odor and yet for thousands of people nothing seems to help. If you happen to be one of those folks who have a serious problem with body odor it may just be time to have a talk with your doctor.

Inexplicable and untreated body odor can cause serious psychological problems for those who are afflicted. A simple trip to the gym or a hot day can produce extreme embarrassment or worse and result in increased stress levels leading to even more body odor due to sweat.

An article published on Medicine on September 9, 2011 points out that as many as 1/3 of those with unexplained body odor may have inherited a metabolic condition.

According to the article a condition known as trimethylaminuria is a disease that impairs the body's ability of particular enzyme to metabolize or transform the compound trimethylamine which has a fishy smell resulting in an unpleasant garbage type smell.

Trimethylamine is produced from foods that are rich in choline, carnitine, nitrogen and sulfur such as organ meats like liver and kidneys, some legumes, eggs and saltwater fish. In someone with the disease the excess trimethylamine is excreted through the skin via sweat, saliva, breath and urine.

Although the disease was considered rare a study of 353 people with an unexplained body odor problem found that 118 or 33% of them actually were afflicted by trimethylaminuria.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease but there is some good news if you are diagnosed with this condition there is help available which can reduce the body odor through simple changes in diet and other methods including low dose antibiotics and changing your soap to one which is slightly acidic with a ph balance of 5.5 and 6.5.

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